The University of Aveiro welcomes you to Portugal for the 10th edition of the Coastal Dynamics Conference, to be held from 7th – 11th April 2025.

The conference theme is “Living with a Dynamic Coast”, and we invite scientists and experts from all over the world conducting research on the dynamics and changes of the coastal systems to contribute with their insights and research results. Approaches include field (remote and in-situ) observations, laboratory experiments, theoretical formulations, and numerical simulations.

Recent research and applications concerning coastal waves and currents, interactions between wind, water, sediments and eco-systems, and morphology changes in different morphological environments (with and without structures) such as sandy, rocky, and muddy coasts, inlets, and estuaries are welcome.

Coastal Dynamics is held every four years since 1994, being a sister conference to the Coastal Sediments Series, which started in 1977.